Patrick Egan Case Study: How He Got $150,000 In Private Money Within 30 Days

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Alrighty… one of our Platinum PMBP students shot us an email letting us know what he’s been doing the last couple weeks… and I had a big ol’ smiles on my face when I read what he’s done since implementing what we taught him.

His Private Money Results?

Well… check out the case study audio below for specifics… but I can tell you he secured 6 figures in less than 30 days after he worked the PMBP system  (he says how he did it in the mp3 below).

Click here to play the mp3 case study with Patrick Egan <<

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To Sum It Up…

  • $150,000 in private money within 30 days
  • Has found a few very simple things that clicked with him that got him big results that other private money programs didn’t do for him
  • He used our scripts and got his CPA to commit private money to him and his CPA will now refer his clients over to Patrick Egan as well.
  • Patrick (Egan) is much more confident and comfortable getting private money now
  • Patrick (Egan) will now be able to fund his multi-family deals more easily than ever before

Congrats Patrick!  We’re proud of ya and we’re here with you 100% of the way!

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