Justin Wilmot Case Study: How He Got $1,000,000 In Private Money From One Private Lender

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Patrick and I are constantly talking with our students and fellow investors every day and we have at least one student a day give us a call and ask questions and tell us their success stories.

Well, just a few weeks ago Patrick got a call from Justin Wilmot, a “surfer dude” student from Florida who Patrick walked through step by step on how to get private money in today’s market just a couple months back.

His Private Money Results?

Well… check out the case study audio below for specifics… but I can tell you he secured 7 figures from just 1 private lender (he says how he did it in the mp3 below).

Click here to play the mp3 case study with Justin <<

The mp3 will open in a new window

To Sum It Up

  • Justin is a self-proclaimed “surfer dude” from Florida who wanted to “get involved in real estate”
  • Tried making offers and without cash kept getting rejected time and time again (and banks wouldn’t lend him the money)
  • Hooked up with Patrick in early this year and Patrick taught him his little simple system on how he’s been able to get private money. Justin implemented what Patrick told him to do and what to say (exact scripts and templates)
  • Justin just got a commitment from one private lender of $1,000,000 as a line of credit that Justin can now use to make cash offers on properties with confidence.
  • Now Justin will close more deals because of the cash he now has available to him (at great terms… and Justin never had to show his credit score, sign an application… none of that)… and more deals will mean A LOT more money in his pocket this year and beyond.

Congrats Justin!

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4 Responses to “Justin Wilmot Case Study: How He Got $1,000,000 In Private Money From One Private Lender”
  1. dude says:

    that recording sucks! please fix so I can hear what the hell you guys are saying.
    anyways, you guys are great. love everything you have to offer except that recording of case study.
    I’m a surfer dude and would love to hear how another surfer dude got a mil in private funds.

  2. Trevor says:


    Thanks for the comment my man!

    Hmmm… we’ve gone through the audio and it comes through clear on our end… weird.

    It does have a few spots that are lower in volume… we’ll see if we can reupload the audio to see if it comes through clearer for ya.

    But… like I said… it comes through clear on our end so I wonder why it’s not coming through for ya on your end. We’ll get a new version up this week.

    – Trevor

  3. Sorry the recording didn’t come through crystal clear. From my end, it sounds pretty good so not sure what the deal is …

    Anyway, glad you’ve loved everything else we put together for you!

    I went surfing for the 2nd time yesterday. It was awesome. I know why people love it sooooo much now.

    – Patrick


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