“I’ve got another PML!!!!”

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We love to see our students being successful! Tammy, one of our Private Money Blueprint members,  sent us an email to share her success, and this is, by far, one of our favorite types of emails!

Hello Patrick and Trevor,

Hope you are doing good! I wanted to share this with you!!!  This one will blow your mind! 😀  I did an auction to sell my property. Didn’t get the buyers in the price range I’m looking to get, but the day after the auction a straggler came by.  I decided to let him look at the house anyways.  He was very impressed and knew he couldn’t afford it but wanted to know how we could. So I told him all about REI and how we’ve made so much money in RE.  He was convinced he has to get into REI right away.  I asked him to be an intern, and he’s willing to do it!  AND, better yet, he wants to start earning money NOW as a PML and has …. $300-400K (to start with) to lend in a PML while he’s learning, then we’ll JV together!!!!!   ***JUMPS UP AND DOWN CRAZILY SCREAMING***  Ok, containing myself…

I wanted to let you guys know: this opens SO many doors right now!!! I’m like a kid in a candy store. 🙂

Zion Properties


Congrats, Tammy! We love hearing the success stories!

To get access to the same training, templates, tools, and support as Tammy, join the PMBP family.

If you have any questions we can help you with, let us know.

– Charity Akers, Chief Member Experience Gal


**These results are not typical. The “average” person doesn’t take any action and therefore, gets no private money.

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