Earnings Disclaimer and Terms and Return Policy

Return Policy:

We’ve guaranteed this program like we have because we’re extremely confident that the system gets results… it has for us and other people we’ve taught time and time again. The first guarantee is cut and dry… if you don’t like the program for any reason let us know before the end of the 4th week of our program (30 days after purchase) via email (refund requests must be via email or written letter, phone calls or voice mails do not qualify and no product return requests will be taken via phone).  In the email state:

1) Your full name and email address
2) Your reason for returning
3) Suggestions on ways we can improve our product or service

Thats it… and we’ll give you your money back per our return policy on this page.

Only after we receive the written refund request via email as explained above within 30 days of purchase will we push forward and issue your refund promptly and part ways as friends.   Sound like a plan?

If you stay on past the end of the 4th week (past 30 days after purchase), the 2nd guarantee kicks in.   With the 2nd guarantee we guarantee that you’ll receive private money loan commitments of $100,000 or more in 120 days or less after the end of the course.  If you don’t reach that number and prove to us that you’ve put to action everything we’ve taught and given to you (as described below)… we’d be glad to refund your money no problem at all.  The only caveat is that you MUST put to action everything that we teach you… and you must provide us with verification that you’ve done so.

“Everything” include:

  • All action plans for each week
  • Any personal 1 on 1 sessions that we offered and tried to schedule you for
  • Any forms, documents, etc. that we’ve given you templates for… you have to take the templates that you’ve been given and create your own document for your own business
  • Give us contacts to people that you have contacted to be potential private lenders for and done presentations for
  • Send us your customized 30 second commercial
  • Send us your completed credibility kit
  • Send us your completed goal sheet
  • Send us the contact details for an attorney and/or title company that you have contacted regarding your business and private money

Basically, we have put a ton of time and resources into this program for you away from our own businesses and families… and expect anyone who registers for our program to at least put to action and give what we’re teaching (which we knows works when you apply it) a solid try by actually doing and completing every action step and resource that we have given you.

Truthfully, if you aren’t willing to put to action what we’re teaching… we DO NOT want your money and ask that you please DO NOT register for our program… or if you do register for our program you have to request a refund by email or phone to support [at] privatemoneyblueprint.com.com BEFORE the 4th week of the program is over.

That’s fair all around… we give you ample time to try out the course to see if it’s right for you… if it’s not request the refund BEFORE the 4th week (within 30 days after your purchase date)  is over and we’ll happily refund your money within 72 hours.  If you go past the 4th week in our program… we feel that we’ve been more than fair and require you to verify (as explained above) that you have done and completed each action step and template we’ve given you and that it hasn’t worked.

The reason we say that is because we know if you do what we teach you you’ll see success… but if you wait til after the 4th week and ask for a refund… but haven’t put to action what we’ve taught… is it really fair for us to harm our business and send back your money after you failed to ask for a refund for 4 full weeks… and never even applied what we taught anyway??

We’re all adults here and the rules we’ve laid out are more than fair and are heavily slanted in favor of you.  We’re upholding our end and feel it’s only fair if you uphold your end.  Sound good?

We know this system works if you put it to work like we have… but it won’t do you any good if you don’t put it to action… and truly, we’re investing a ton of our own time and resources into teaching this class (and taking ourselves away from our own real estate businesses and families)… and at the least we expect you to put to action what we teach if you truly want to reach success in real estate. Frankly, if you don’t even put to action what we teach… and you ask for a refund 90 days from today… and we’ve put our own time and resources into teaching you what we know… do you believe that a refund is fair for both sides? If you do put to action everything we teach and provide verification and proof that you’ve done so and don’t see the results… we’re more than happy to give you your money back because if our system truly doesn’t work… we don’t deserve to keep your money. Sound fair? If not, we’ll kindly ask that you please not apply for our program because you already have an attitude of defeat… and we like to work with action takers who want to rise to success with us.

Earnings Disclaimer: Do not invest in this training if you think it will automatically make you money just because you bought it. You have to work to succeed in anything (especially the real estate business) and I’m neither going to hide nor apologize for that. The results I’ve shown here and in the related videos aren’t typical and yours could and probably will vary.

Truly, real estate investing is a highly networking sensitive business… and that includes getting private money. If you don’t want to go out and actually talk to people and network… this program isn’t right for you… and real estate might not be either.

In the end, you may recruit millions in private money… you may recruit none… it’s really all up to how you apply what we’ll teach you. It’s possible you might even lose money (our attorneys make us say this). Know that before you going in, because if you’re looking for the silver bullet, I’m sorry but this ain’t it.

More Stuff Our Attorney Makes Us Say: The content we’ll be discussing in this program is based on our own experiences and you should consult an attorney in your area before using the documents you’ll receive in your own business. These forms and information work for us, but they may not work in all areas.

As always, in any business it’s advised to consult your own legal counsel before you start business. However, in real estate investing and especially recruiting private money, there are many regulations and guidelines that need to be followed correctly or you can face huge ramifications. We’re going to do our best to give you a full and complete education and accompanying materials… but you should consult your own legal counsel before you put to action these techniques and documents to make sure your bases are covered. The last thing you or I need is legal problems… it’s always best to buck up the $100 or $300 bucks for an hour or two with a competent attorney if you plan on making tens or hundreds of thousands in real estate. Hey, real estate is a business and should be treated that way… real businesses require legal guidance many times and this is no different.