The “Magic Question”

Not sure if you’ve heard of Josh Brown before, but he’s a pretty big deal. He’s been paid by some of the biggest names in our industry to help grow their businesses online.

Anyway, I had heard about him through the grapevine and when I found out that he moved to Charleston, I knew I had to meet this guy…

… so I asked him the *magic* question.

Fast forward to today…

We’re business associates and good friends. We get together about once per month to mastermind, share ideas, help each other however we can.

My relationship with Josh has resulted in well over $10,000 bucks in profits (and that’s quite an understatement)… and it’s all because I asked him the *magic* question.

So, what is it?

It’s very simple…

Can I buy you lunch?

That’s it. That’s the question that got my foot in the door with Josh… and many other super successful investors, entrepreneurs, and business owners.

As they say, you’re the same person today as you’ll be in 5 years except for two things, the books you read and the people you meet.

Are you meeting new people on a regular basis? people who are where you want to be, people who inspire you, people who can become strategic partners for your biz?

This week why don’t you ask someone if you can buy ’em lunch to pick their brain, to network, to see if there’s any way that you can help them in their biz.

Who knows, that one relationship could add thousands to your bottom line.

Happy Investing!

– Patrick

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  1. Absolutely Patrick! Always always ask people to take them to lunch or buy them a cup of coffee. Never think you are undeserving of their time. People love to talk about themselves and we can learn so much. Chances are we have something of value to offer in return. Man, I’m coming to Charleston this year – can I take you to lunch – must have a view.

  2. We have much better 3 martini lunches here in Oregon Patrick. Come out here for a day or so and “I’ll” Buy ! Good werk lately :))

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