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Get Immediate Access To 11+ Hours Of *Members Only* "Underground Private Money Getting" Training From The PMBP Team Including Our SEC Attorney ... All
For Just A Measly $1

Hey PMBP subscriber,

Patrick here.

Here at PMBP we have many successfull students who have recruited tens, hundreds, and some in the millions in private money to fund their real estate deals in the last 12 months alone... and a ton of loyal subscribers like you who we want to thank... with a little Thanksgiving "Black Friday" sale.

This letter is short... frankly because all you have to invest today is $1... which you've probably got in between your couch seat cushions right now :-)

Being 100% honest... we've never actively let new students into our Private Money Monthly program in the past 6 months.

In fact, you've probably never heard of it because the only people who currently have access to Private Money Monthly are our students who have paid a minimum of $100 upfront for one of our training programs... plus the affordable $67/mo membership.

But, we've had some stellar interviews lately with some of my personal friends who are doing really really well in todays real estate market... and each month I get a new "underground investor" (no gurus, these are people you've never heard of) on the phone to do a full "whats working now" call where we go into detail exactly what they're doing in their business today to find private lenders, to convert them, and to put that money to use in their real estate business today.

Those, along with over 11 hours of other actionable "private money getting" training updated for 2010, templates, scripts, resources, etc. are all uploaded and updated monthly in the Private Money Monthly members area.

So, I decided...

Why keep all of this great training only to such a small group of people?

We do want to keep Private Money Monthly small and intimate because I also do monthly live Q&A and training calls... and I want to make sure I'm able to answer everyones questions each week... but as a "thanks" for being a loyal subscriber... we're going to let you inside of Private Money Monthly for a measly buck (yep, $1) for 30 full days.

Here's the details...

Where you’ll get:

The Private Money Mastermind Calls: As you know, the real estate industry is changing every day... and federal, state, and SEC guidelines are changing almost every month that affect us investors and what we can do. In “The "MM" Call” we'll keep you up to date on all the latest strategies, tools, guidelines, tricks and trends that will keep YOU on the cutting edge as a "private money getting" real estate investor.

The Monthly Nuts & Bolts: On this extension of “The 'MM' Call” call Patrick will open up the lines to Q&A about every aspect of real estate... not only private money... in addition to some group coaching.

The Insider "Underground Investor" Candid Interviews:  Each month Patrick will interview a successful real estate investor or on occaision our SEC attorney (no gurus) to find out and report what’s working now. Maybe it will be you some day.

f5+ Hours of Bonus Training:  Whenever our PMM members ask us questions... even if they have nothing to do with getting private money... we put together a training on that topic. So, right now you'll get full access to full bonus trainings that go into detail on how to build your buyers list, analyzing deals, creating effective marketing and business cards, negotiation strategies... and MORE.

Your “Private Money Monthly” membership makes sure you're in business for yourself, but not by yourself... and are armed with the most up to date information, strategies, motivation, and laws. Come join us and be a part of the movement.

Your first month of PMM is only $1... and you'll have instant access to all of the PMM content already in the members area including a full 70 minute interview with one of the top SEC attorneys on the west coast when you take us up on your free 30 day trial today. If you like it, do nothing and you’ll be billed a measly $67 a month, there are no contracts and you can cancel anytime. If you find it’s not for you, email us any time before your 30 day trial ends and you’ll never be charged a penny.

Here's a taste of some of what is already in the PMM members area right now that you'll get instant access to for only $1 buck...

  • SEC Attorney 70 Minute Interview - Step by Step How To Stay SEC Compliant Right Now In 2010
  • How To Find Private Lenders Online Using Social Media And How To Reel Them In Without Ever Selling
  • Handling Private Lender Objections Gracefully With These Simple Scripts
  • 100% Customizable Private Lender Powerpoint Presentation and Script (actual one Patrick uses today)
  • How To Structure Your Business Cards Right The First Time For Your Real Estate Business
  • Advanced: Fractionalized Trust Deeds - How To Combine Multiple Private Lenders On One Deal Without Worrying About Pooling
  • Our past Underground Investor interviews
  • Our past Monthly Mastermind Calls
  • ... and more each month!

You're Probably Asking... "So,
Where's The Catch?" Right?

Ya, I would too.

Here's the deal... we appreciate you as a Private Money Blueprint subscriber and don't take it lightly that you've decided to spend your valuable time learning from us... especially this Thanksgiving week! :-)

We know you have choices... and love that you're investing in yourself by looking for high quality training, backed by real people with great customer service, from people you can actually get a hold of (novel idea huh?).

So, the only "catch" (if you want to call it that) is that as our "thanks" to you... we simply want to give you full access to Private Money Monthly for a full 30 days... in exchange for $1... in hopes that you'll see the quality of the training and personal attention I pour into PMM each and every month for our students... and you'll decide to stay on past the 30 day trial and become a full paying member because you know when you apply just one technique from just one of the "underground investor" interviews on "whats working now" in todays market...

... it'll return your investment 100x over.

That's it.

Our students get results when they apply whats in Private Money Monthly. Period.

So, make this the best "Black Friday" purchase you make all week... and invest $1 for 30 days of full access to Private Money Monthly below. See ya in there! :-)

Click below to try out Private Money Monthly for only $1 for 30 full days NOW. You'll get instant access to all current and past Private Money Monthly training including the 70 minute full interview with one of the top SEC attorneys on the west coast on "What You Need To Do This Week To Stay SEC Compliant". That alone is worth well over $350 just in the fees we paid the attorney to do this training for our members.


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