Why Some Investors Crush It While Others Get Crushed

Have you ever wondered why some people get started in real estate investing and totally CRUSH IT… closing deals and making big money… while others get crushed… struggling to close a single deal or turn their real estate hobby into a ‘real’ business?

Last weekend, I came across a video that explains why. It’s not specifically on real estate investing…. but has everything to do with your success as an investor.

I found the video over on TED and felt I had to share it with ya. In it, Simon Sinek explains a powerful model of inspirational leadership based on what he calls the “Golden Circle.”

To me, the video explains the BIG difference between super successful businesses… and the mediocre majority.

Think the recipe for success is having access to money, the right people, and the right market conditions? Think again!

Check out the video below…

So what’d you think?

Join the conversation below (all the cool people do 🙂 … let me know what you thought of the video and share it with your friends.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as me. Powerful stuff!

– Patrick

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  1. Never had marketing explained in this form. It makes you think about the message your portraying.

    • Yeah, I hadn’t either. Definitely makes you think differently. I love the simplicity of the “golden circle” and how much more effective the message is simply by going inside/out, rather than outside/in like most businesses.

      – Patrick

  2. AWESOME video and very enlightening. do you have any practical ideas on how to apply this to real estate marketing and what we do? How you you use this to leverage negotiations with both sellers and buyers?

    • What’s your real estate WHY? If money is the only measure of success then it’s not BIG ENOUGH. Money happens when your WHY IS BIG ENOUGH TO CAST A SHADOW OVER EVERY THING ELSE. The What and How are important but just along for the ride. There are lots of un-monied people who consider themselves happy and successful.

    • Hey Justin,

      Ditta to what Garry said. You apply this by clarifying your “why.” And then you just communicate that through everything that you do in your biz.

      As an example, one of my friends and business associates donates a % of all of her profits to fund micro loans to women in third world countries so that they can start businesses. Her why is centered around empowering and enabling women in need to start businesses for themselves and become self sufficient.

      As far as applying your why to real estate marketing and negotiating, that will become clearer once you clarify exactly what your why is.

      – Patrick

  3. Quite an exhilarating presentation. It completely gives one an entirely new perspective on such a simple explanation. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Christopher,

      You’re welcome for sharing. Glad you enjoyed it man.

      – Patrick

  4. Patrick,im trying to purchase the”getting the money”bootcamp recording collection.i do not want the “download version.i would like the hard copy product version by mailed.could you please give me a “order form for this purchase ASP!!! or lead me to the location in which i can make this purchase order.Thanks

    • Hey Carlton,

      I sent our Chief Member Experience Gal, Charity, an email to let her know that you wanted to invest in the physical GTM program. She’ll be in touch soon. Or you can email our support at support [at] privatemoneyblueprint [dot] com.

      Looking forward to having you as a GTM member 🙂

      – Patrick

  5. Amazing. That struck a chord with me. Going to watch this again.

    • That’s great to hear Jeff. The more I watch it, the more valuable nuggets I extract.

      – Patrick

  6. That video was definitely an eye-opener. I always thought it was “what” I was selling that was important…not “why”.

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