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This "Private Money Blueprint System" Is The Only One That Has A Big, Bold Brassy Guarantee:

Our Absolute No-Risk,
Money-Back Guarantee

If for any reason at all – even if you just decide you don’t like what we have to offer, no questions asked – just send us an email and we’ll refund 100% of your money within the first 30 days.

But you can keep the entire system as our gift to you. Keep…

YOU KEEP: ALL 6 Private Money Blueprint Modules…

YOU KEEP: ALL 7 Bonuses (worth $2,122)…

YOU KEEP: Your Brand New Private Money Website…

YOU KEEP: All the DVD’s, CD’s, PDF’s…

I know it seems unbelievable that you can just e-mail us within 30 days, and we’ll refund 100% of your money. And let you keep everything.

But honestly, I don’t see that happening… and I know that you're an honest person who wants to finally break loose and start making the kind of money the "A player" investors I pal around with make each and every week.

So... we're bearing the risk on our shoulders because we want to give you a chance.

In fact, we’re so confident in how much private money you’ll raise when you apply the action plans we give you – and how rich you’ll get - following our simple system that we’re going one step farther…

If You Don’t Raise $100,000,
You Pay ZERO!

If you go through each module in the Private Money Blueprint system… if you

"A Giant Thank You!"

“I just wanted to send a GIANT THANK YOU!

I am so glad to have found your website. I’ve learned more from your videos and webinar than I have from ALL the Real Estate Courses I’ve purchased together.

The way you teach real estate so that EVERYONE benefits is wonderful.

Thank you,

Debbie Thompson
Las Vegas, NV

watch all of the bonuses… apply the specific step by step action plans and show us you’ve done so… and take advantage of your FREE website…

If you do those things and haven’t raised $100,000 based on our simple step-by-step formula, just let us know and you’ll receive your money back.

It’s that simple. You’ll pay nothing. No questions asked.

But I need to alert you of something important…

Please don’t delay.

We cannot guarantee these terms for long.

That’s why it’s critical you claim your real estate wealth-building system right now.

As you know: Nothing works better in today’s real estate market than private money.

Just 12 months from now you could have your very own real estate empire.
Sound good? Well…

That leaves just one question... do you want to actually close deals and put easier cash in your pocket during this buyers market and come out in 18 months a real estate mogul??

YES, Patrick I want to get all of your forms, exact speaking scripts, templates (powerpoint, credibility kit, business plan, etc.), flow charts, action plans... even your website and private money lead generation "cut and paste" tools... oh, I almost forgot... and the full workshop w/ one of the top SEC attorneys on the West coast to show me exactly what I need to do over the next 3 weeks to stay safe, legal, and SEC compliant!:


     6 DVD "core action" modules w/ weekly action plans

  • Module 1: Step by Step Success Jumpstart (more students rave about this module than probably any other). We walk you through how we became successful... from the ground up... not only in real estate... but in life. Some amazing breakthroughs are made here.

  • Module 2: Private Money Quickstart and Negotiation Techniques (our aim with this module is within 7 days you'll have private lender prospects, and will be in front of them within 14 days of joining the program)

  • Module 3: Private Lender Presentations The EASY Way (we hate public speaking... and luncheons are NOT for us. So, we created an easy way to present to lenders without feeling like a salesman... and this includes exact questions you MUST ask, how to close the lender, what we've found that you NEED to say and NEVER should say to a private lender. Basically, a bunch of cool ninja strategies).

  • Module 4: The "Nuts and Bolts" Of Putting The Transaction Together (there are right and wrong ways to putting together the paperwork for a private money transaction. We give you our checklists we created for our own businesses, the exact process, what 4 documents you NEED to give to your lenders everytime, and we give you all of the docs and forms... including a disclosure statement to use, a loan commitment form, payoff and follow up letters, etc.)

  • Module 5: Staying SEC Compliant (this doesn't need a whole lot of explanation. The SEC can be a scary animal... but we've figured it out and paid our attorneys thousands in fees to learn what we've learned. You get everything we know in this module how to stay SEC compliant without jumping through a ton of hoops or spending a butt load in attorney fees).

  • Module 6: Using IRA's, Pooling Funds, and Syndication (Susan Lassiter-Lyons, an investor and private money mortgage company owner who has got over $24 million in private money for her and other investors deals over the last 6 years... teaches how she's done it... and how to effectively use IRA's... gives the exact process map and resources, how to syndicate, and how she created her 504d private money pool).

     Full digital immediate access to the entire PMBP home study system. Including all mp3 recordings... this is in addition to the package you'll get shipped to your door... just in case you'd rather learn online :-)

     3 Detailed Reference Manuals w/ diagrams, scripts, weekly action plans 

     Private Money On Demand (private money through public records training)

     1 Forms Disc with 33+ forms, documents, templates, checklists, scripts, and proven marketing materials that you must have to succeed (here's a quick tour of the forms we've used in our businesses since 2003... that you'll get to use in your own biz. It took us years to perfect the forms, templates, scripts, etc... you get them instantly and cut the learning curve).


     Success Bonus #1: Private Money Loan Tracking Software And Calculator (Value $197)

     Success Bonus #2: SEC Attorney "Spills The Beans" Detailed Compliance Workshop (Value $595) You'll even get our SEC attorney's contact info for free.

     Success Bonus #3: Private Money Loan Disclosure Documents (Value $195)

     Success Bonus  #4: How To Build A Buyer's List Of 500 Qualified Buyers Within 30 Days  ($295)

     Success Bonus  #5: Done-For-You Private Lender List ($PRICELESS)

     Additional Success Bonus: 12 Months Private Money Email Coaching Program (Value $597)

     Additional Success Bonus: Private 1-On-1 Coaching Consulation (Value $247)


Count me as one of the lucky few investors to signup for this incredible program.  I understand that if I act now, I can get it at the incredible limited bargain price of only $1,497 $897.

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Click Here for the (2) Payment Plan $499 Down and $499 in 30 days


"Best Course Out There"

"Hi Patrick and Trevor,

I wanted to thank both of you for what I consider the flat out best course on finding private money out there!

I wanted to tell you guys that I had lunch with and got another $60,000 commitment. I'm two for three so far on my original list of people to contact that I have had the opportunity to present to so my total money commitment is about $120-$140,000... Definitely making strides on my $600,000 goal by June.

I am hoping to schedule my 4th appointment this week!

I cannot tell you guys how your coaching has made such a difference in my approach to getting money.

Thanks again,
Kevin Donovan
Los Angeles, California "

"$3 Million From A Private Lender That Came To The Website You Set Up For Me!”

"... we had a private lender lead that came through the private money website you set up for us last week. The investor has $3 million to invest with us. Now we just need to go out and find the deals!

Also, my website showed up on the first page in Google within 4 days of getting it set up for the term "California private lending". Amazing! "

Thank you,

Barrly L
La Quinta, California

"Already Raised $75,000..."

"Since watching your first 4 videos and the presentation! I've had two live meetings with prospective investors and have 4 more scheduled next week.

Already have a commitment to $75K!

Your mentoring will enable me to succeed more quickly at generating a very large pool (my goal is $1.5MM) to enable me to do at least a dozen deals in the next 12 months."

Jay Leigeber
West Palm Beach, Florida

"One Of My Private Lenders
Wrote Me a Check For $425,000"

“Patrick, just wanted to let you know, one of my private lenders (the doctor) wrote me a check for $425,000, WOW!! They looked at me crazy when I deposited that in the bank. Your program works without any doubts. I was told by one investor I had one of the most professional presentations and paperwork he's ever seen. Thanks for everything!

Jason Tooley

Click to be one of the first 10

Click Here for the (2) Payment Plan $499 Down and $499 in 30 days


Or You Can Order By Phone: 877-224-0445. We have a small office, so if we don't
pick up just leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.