Review of “The Capital Syndicate” by Lee Arnold

Man oh man do I have something great for you today — my very own review of The Capital Syndicate by Lee Arnold. (So, Lee and his Capital Syndicate are the great parts, but my review ain’t bad either.)

Hey there, Patrick here, and I just had an unbelievable journey working side-by-side with Lee as he created this incredible real estate funding training program: The Capital Syndicate. Now, I want to tell you what The Capital Syndicate is, why it’s so amazing and some of the awesome stuff you’ll get from it.

Just check this out…

This genius but straightforward step-by-step training details how regular ole real investors like you can produce great income with Lee’s simple process: You’ll connect fellow investors who need funding for their REI transactions in the U.S. with a powerful “Syndicate” of private money lenders who need to invest their Benjamins. Win/win!

Cool, right?

So, I know you’re gonna love Lee’s new private money brokering training program just like I do.

Legit — The Capital Syndicate by Lee Arnold is REI awesomeness that most investors aren’t even thinking about. His training gives you everything you need to boost your REI business. By adding Private Money Brokering to your current real estate operations, you’ll add a remarkable stream of income to your biz. 


Well, I’ll tell you…

What is The Capital Syndicate anyway?

It’s all about money: private money, that is. The Capital Syndicate by Lee Arnold is for investors who want to enhance and grow their REI experiences and for those who want to try a new REI niche — like adding private money brokering to their existing real estate business simply by connecting two main real estate investing players: investors who need money for deals & vetted private lenders in the Capital Syndicate who have money to lend.

If that sounds good, well, Lee’s training program is for you. It’s unique because it gives you a serious deep dive into the private money arena and teaches you how to extract the most cash — while learning from the best. Plus, as you “broker” private transaction funds for other investors, his systematic method allows you to regularly access funding for your very own real estate investing deals! 

See, Lee has been an active investor for more than 20 years. And he’s been teaching people all about lending money for deals since 1995. 

Lee talks, we listen…

The Capital Syndicate training by Lee Arnold is broken up into 5 main video presentations:

  • Each module in the training series is packed with details and actionable info
  • Modules’ videos and audios are easy to follow and digest — and carefully and thoroughly explain the private money loan process in its entirety 
  • Extra: enjoy related media with bonus “Amplifier Training” sessions, resources, tools, scripts and more that level-up the core training
  • You’ll learn the basics of being a private money broker, then move up to finding and connecting with investors who need deal funding, all the way to the closing table to getting paid without even being there — and along the way you’re privy to smart best practices, pro tips and more

And This: Lee’s lent hundreds of millions of dollars to investors across the country for deals — and made bank!  He’s sharing his strategy to help you do the same. Thanks, Lee!

What Do I Get from The Capital Syndicate?

Well, in The Capital Syndicate, you’ll discover:

  • Be a Broker NOW: Why now is a great time to be a private lender
  • Private $ = Awesome: Why private money for real estate deals is amazing!
  • U.S. of A.: How you can be a lender across the U.S.—no license needed—opportunities are everywhere!
  • Internet MKT Channels: 4 main online marketing channels that you’ll be able to do in your sleep
  • Offer Offers: with access to unlimited funding for your very own transactions, you can make ALL the offers you want
  • In-Person MKT: 5 marketing strategies that’ll have investors asking you for money
  • Double Dipping: how you can earn fees (aka $) for your own deals 
  • DM: direct mail is alive and well with these 7 best practices
  • Most Valuable Players: the 3 types of investors to focus on for TCS
  • Winning: lots of offline and online marketing channels with track records of proven success 
  • Lend it ALL: 4 key reasons you should be a private money lender
  • Finders Keepers: 6 best practices for finding the right MVP investors
  • Carmen San Diego: the U.S. states you can and can’t be a broker 
  • Steps: 4 simple steps to the money-lending process while you make money too!
  • Accelerate: quickly get started with 4 insider hacks that’ll speed up your profits
  • Deal Killers: how to avoid the most common mistakes
  • Talk the Talk: swipe Lee’s scripts to use when talking with investors
  • Convo: learn the psychology behind having the best conversations with investors
  • Phone it In: 4 attainable goals when talking to investors on the phone
  • Close: what closing looks like, what to expect, getting paid, best practices
  • MVPS: targeting the right players with 5 must-dos and 3 must-nots
  • Get Paid: the surest route to the closing table and your payday
  • More: And so much more…

Bottom Line for The Capital Syndicate 

So, The Capital Syndicate gives REIers everything you need to earn great money as the middleman/woman of private money. In just a few easy-to-follow, formulaic steps — with Lee’s expert guidance, you can start becoming a private money lender for real estate quickly and easily. 

The Capital Syndicate training breaks down the entire private money lending and brokering process in a systematic way, allowing you to help passionate investors get the funding they need for their deals throughout the U.S. They get the money they need — you’ll earn serious money on their deals!

Take a look at my brief but detailed video, reviewing this awesome new training program — and you’ll see how a little bit of work can bring in a lot of income.

Enjoy. 🙂

The Capital Syndicate by Lee Arnold

Lee Arnold is a deal-maker, money lender and mentor. He’s been investing for 20+ years, and he’s been teaching others his private money lending strategies and methods since 1995. guy’s been around the REI block. 

Not only is he a skilled investor with loads of real-life deal experience… but he’s a remarkable financial genius, plus he’s got a true moral compass and great positive attitude. He’s been through the School of Hard Knocks and is humble and generous enough to share his mistakes with you, so you avoid them. Lee loves teaching and helping people through the loan process learning curve in a fast, easy-to-understand way with The Capital Syndicate. I strongly encourage you to embrace this amazing opportunity.

Look, Lee Arnold is the guy you want as a coach and teacher — just do what he says and you’re golden! After all, he who has the gold makes the rules. 😉

With The Capital Syndicate training, Lee distills down the whole private money lending loan process, teaching you exactly how to be a master lender for real estate and the systematic steps needed to bring deal funding to investors.

Look, in nearly any U.S. market, you can achieve incredible success with this strategy. You’ll be able to crush the profitable niche of private money — quickly and easily. 

I really suggest you check it out today — I’m pretty sure that The Capital Syndicate would be great for you.

If you think it’ll be a good fit for your REI business, take a look at the official press release about it here.

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