Analyzing Real Estate Deals With Free Software

Hey, we’re continuing “Deal Analyzing Week” with an in-depth video from PMBP faculty member, Daniil Kleyman… where he walks you through one of his recent deals.

As Daniil says, there’s nothing sexy about crunching numbers and math. What’s sexy is making money and growing a huge real estate operation.

But to do that you MUST

– make the right offers

– not overpay for deals

– leave nothing out of your analysis

– know your numbers cold

How To Analyze Real Estate Deals With Free Software

Watch Daniil’s step-by-step deal analysis video below…

Good stuff, ehh?

Before you go, grab your FREE version of Daniil’s real estate deal analysis software. After you sign up for it, he’ll shoot you an email with download instructions and additional training.

Happy Deal Analyzing!

– Patrick

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  1. Hi Patrick The other day, I watch your video with Daniil, I thought it was great, good content. I tried to download the software, but nothing happened.I would really like to try the software. Could you please send me the free DEAL ANALYSIS SOFTWARE. I would like to see first hand, how it works. THANK YOU RON

    • Hey Ron, all you need to do is sign up for the free software over here…

      Daniil will send you an email with the download instructions.

      The software is excel based. So you’ll need to have excel on your computer to use it.

      – Patrick

  2. Thanks for the analyzer software.
    Question: when investors talk about a percentage return on deals, what numbers are they talking about?
    Like I got a deal sent to me that said 12% return – guaranteed. 12% on what? Thanks.

    • Hey Keith, it depends on what kind of investor you’re talking to. IF you’re talking to someone who is going to invest with you on a deal (and lend you private money), that would be a 12% annualized return on the amount of funds they lent you.

      Or the person that sent you that deal may be saying that the property will provide it’s buyer (you) a 12% cash on cash return.

      One thing to note, when you’re marketing deals to other investors or private lenders, NEVER say the word “guaranteed.” That can get you in some hot water with the SEC.

      As Ben Franklin said, “Nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes.”

      – Patrick

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