How to Get Access to MLS Data Without Being a Realtor

A while back I was on the phone with one of our Platinum members,  Heather, who was having trouble getting good comps to evaluate her deals.

She isn’t a Realtor (so she doesn’t have access to MLS) and was just using free sites online like Zillow… which can be WAY off sometimes.

So, I gave her an idea on how she could get access to MLS data… by bringing a Realtor onto the team.

Of course, it has to be a win-win for all parties in any relationship and we figured out an easy way to do that.

Here’s what she did…

Heather’s marketing plan generates a good number of seller leads. She does bandit signs and direct mail to out of state and apartment building owners.

Many of leads that come in do not have enough equity or the owners aren’t motivated enough.

… hmmm lot’s of left over seller leads… people who want to sell but don’t make sense for Heather to buy… what to do?

She structured a strategic partnership where she sends her Realtor all the leads she’s not interested in, in exchange for a CMA (comparative market analysis) for any property.

The Realtor is extremely happy.


Heather gets good MLS data to evaluate her deals.

A true win-win.

And if you’re thinking, “Well, that’s great for Heather but I don’t have any seller leads to offer to a Realtor.”

Stop invalidating every good idea you hear… just because it doesn’t currently fit your situation exactly.

Be creative.

What other “value” can you offer a Realtor in exchange for comparable sales info?

(this is one of those rhetorical questions to make ya think)

If you’ve been trying to do this biz all by yourself, it’s time to make it a group effort. Beacuse like I always say, “Real estate investing is a team sport.”

Start building your REI team today.

Happy Investing!

– Patrick

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