Isn’t it a great feeling when someone sincerely thanks your for something?! At PMBP, we’re really fortunate to be in the position where we get emails, Facebook messages, phone calls, tweets every week thanking us for our training and support. It’s how we know that we’re living out our ultimate mission with our company.

Well, recently we got a note from one of our members, Yohannes Makmur, which was awesome. Yohannes just landed his first private lender and was super excited and thankful for the Private Money Blueprint program. That is a story we never get tired of hearing!

“I want to give out a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to PMBP!!

Last week, the awesome Private Lending website generated a lead! He filled out the questionnaire and wrote down $500k personal funds & $100k IRA. I quickly grabbed the PMBP manual to get the  phone script  to call him back. After going through the presentation, he is “game to test drive” our program. This is my first private lender, and has OPENED the MAIN gate and so many doors for me and my partner!

Time to take some serious massive actions.

Yohanes Makmur,

Yohannes made the choice to become a Private Money Blueprint member and put what he learned into action! And it paid off!

If you’re interested in getting private money just like Yohannes, check out our Private Money Blueprint program.

If you have any questions, toss ’em in the comment area or shoot an email to support at…

support [at] privatemoneyblueprint [dot] com

Have a great day!

Charity Akers, Chief Member Experience Gal


**I gotta tell you, these results are not typical. The “average” person doesn’t take any action and therefore, gets no private money.

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