Could $97 be more valuable than $10,000?

As consumers we are bombarded with information. Do this! Buy This! Try this now! And how many times do we end up buying something we have the best intentions of using and then get distracted by the next “shiny object?”  …Too many!

Well one of our members, Charlie Gumingo, had spent all kinds of money on trainings but said he found what he really needed when he found our Certified Strategic Investor (CSI) training program.

Thank you Patrick for your CSI system and the PANTS formula. I am finishing my 12 month coaching program with another guru for $10,000.00 and it was no comparison to your 5 week program! Thanks so much!

Charlie Gumingo, Edina, MN

The Certified Strategic Investor  is an online training program that Patrick created because over the years he’s seen a lot of investors succeed… but many more investors fail. More often than not the reason for failure isn’t that they don’t know enough tactics, strategies, marketing techniques, etc… its the “hidden” elements that most people don’t teach that are the true determining factor on whether someone will make it in real estate and life… or struggle. CSI walks you as an investor through all of the mindset, planning, and foundational business building training that will ensure YOU can succeed with any real estate investing course, program, or training.

To learn you can become a Certified Strategic Investor, click the image below…

As with all our programs, you get our 100% support, so send your questions our way, or ask now! Just leave your thoughts and questions in the comments area below.

To your success,

Charity, Chief Member Experience Gal

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