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Private Money Blueprint

It's true (and totally legit)...

Right now you can grab 4 of our member's only real estate and private money training courses - FOR FREE - when you claim your $2.95 test-drive in our Strategic Investor Insider's Circle Monthly Training Program.


Why would I be willing to give away over $900.00 (in real value) worth of our members only trainings FOR FREE when you claim your $2.95 test-drive today?

It's simple really...

Because I want to show you how serious we are about the quality of training and coaching you get as a Member of my Insider's Circle.

And we figured... what better way to prove it than by putting our money where our mouth is.

So, when you say YES to a 30-day test-drive in the Strategic Investor Insider's Circle program today for just $2.95 you get INSTANT ACCESS to the following 4 real estate and private money training courses for FREE.

The "Private Money King" Raises $6 Million Dollars In No Time Flat

Patrick Riddle is widely known as the #1 "Underground" Private Money expert in the world. Here's why!

He's raised over $6 million dollars in just 6 years!

Frequently sought-after to speak, teach and consult nationally on how to make big money investing in real estate!

Widely sought after expert in creative real estate investing techniques, lease options, short sales, and raising private money!

Pocketed $21,873.67 on his very first private money deal!

Creator of the powerful Private Money Blueprint system!

[NOTE: The 4 programs you get for FREE today are directly out of our Strategic Investor Monthly Membership / Coaching Program that up to this point, only members who have paid at least $97 have access to. These trainings are designed and taught by Patrick Riddle and the Private Money Blueprint Faculty. Some of them are unavailable anywhere else!

Check out the 4 courses you get FOR FREE today:

How To Raise Unlimited Funds
WithoutTicking Off The SEC...

Approx 1 hour
Video Training

Value: $595.00 - YOURS FREE!

In this hard hitting video training Patrick interviews one of the West coasts top SEC attorneys to discuss how to safely and legally raise capital for your real estate investing projects.

This attorney specializes in transactional legal matters such as private placement memorandum, regulation D filing, disclosures, marketing guidelines, and other contractual matters.

You'll learn exactly what you need to know to safely market for and raise private money. Beginning with an overview of securities laws, we'll also discusses how to properly structure your real estate company, an overview of Regulation D, and documents you値l need for your investing deals.'ll learn the ONE THING you absolutely must say to your private lenders before they give you any money...or risk losing everything!

This is the exact training we use at Private Money Blueprint and now you can use it too!


Add 500 Qualified Buyers
To Your List In 30 Days Or Less...

Approx 1 hour 40 minute
Video Training

Value: $295.00 - YOURS FREE!

If there is one thing that is critical for every investor to have, it's a buyers list.

With a qualified buyers list you can essentially create cash on demand and fill, assign, or sell properties in seven day or less!

Most folks worry about the SIZE of their list, but in this training I'm going to show you how even a newbie can create a 500 person buyers list that will out produce every competitiors big lists!

You don't need a HUGE buyers list if you know where to find the real cash buyers in your area. Inside this video training we'll walk you through the process of building your own profit pulling buyers list step-by-step.

We'll lead you through specific actions steps and resources that will have you building your new buyers list immediately!


Our Personal Private Lender Payoff Calculator Software Does The
Calculations For You!

Plug and Play spreadsheet based calculator software
Value: $195.00 - YOURS FREE!

This tool is awesome!

This simple spreadsheet software full of our own private money loan formulas allows you to manage, track, and oversee all of the private money in your business so you know what you owe to each lender, when the payoff is, etc.

Staying organized is huge when you have multiple private money sources and giving the wrong loan information to the wrong lender can cause you some BIG trouble. How do you think I found that out? :)

This software tracks everything for you and takes all the stress and hard work out of the equation.

Simply input your loan information and you can easily track everything for the duration of the loan.

One of the keys to success in business is to have the proper tools that make your job as CEO easier and more productive and this tool does just that. It's valued at $195.00... but in reality, it's priceless.


Private Money Transaction
Disclosure Templates...

Customizable disclosue forms
Value: $195.00 - YOURS FREE!

Private money has the potential to change your business forever like it did with mine.

But, if you don't follow the can hurt. I've seen it happen with other investors first hand.

It can all be over before it even gets started. That's why I'm going to give you the exact disclosure documents a top attorney drafted that you can use as a guideline for creating your own custom disclosure.

These are truly the most important cover your ASSets type of documents you'll need in your business...and you need them whether you're recruiting a few thousand in private money... or a few million. could hack your own disclosure together or go to an inexperienced attorney and have them guess at what your disclosure documents should say...

...or you can get access to our template, save a ton of money, and easily hand them to your attorney so they can customize them for your specific business and local SEC guidelines. This alone may save you a few hundred in extra attorneys fees.

*If you're recruiting private money without a disclosure document, you're opening yourself up for huge risk of potential scrutiny from the SEC. Whether you look at our templates... or you just hire an attorney from the get go (recommended)... make sure you have a good disclosure that's customized for your business and your states SEC disclosure guidelines. We're not attorneys and our templates, documentation, and training is for informational purposes... don't take it as legal advice.



That's over $1,280.00 in real-world retail value.


And, right now - with this offer - you get everything for FREE when you start your 30-day test-drive in the Strategic Investor Insider's Circle for just $2.95.  That's a SAVINGS of over 98%!




Look, I know that there are a lot of people out there making outrageous claims about themselves everyday. Sometimes I see it so much it makes me dizzy. What's real? What's a lie? What really works?


Those are the questions you really want answered and that's why I won't be making any outrageous claims today and I won't be 'tooting my own horn' either.


Our systems and strategies work and we have some amazing clients who rave about our products so much... we don't have to do it ourselves. Take a look at what just a few of our clients have had to say (these are real screen shots so you can see what people are *really* saying... no bogus testimonials here)...






* These members above bought a program of ours and applied
it like mad. Their results aren't close to typical... because most
people don't actually take action and do anything once they invest in a training
program. It's a shame, but true. So, if you invest in this training and
don't take action and apply it step-by-step, don't expect to see results. Cool? :-)


You're also going to get INSTANT ACCESS to a few more *bonus* resources straight out of my private Strategic Investor Insider's Circle Monthly Program.


These are the tools, scripts, and trainings that will help make the biggest immediate impact on your business...


... and when you dig-in to these beefy bonuses you'll understand why.


Here's a quick overview of what you'll find inside your 3 BONUSES:



The Simple 30- Second "Private
Lender Reversal" Script


Value: $97.00 - YOURS FREE!

Use this when first meeting a private lender and/or as a way into the conversation about your program without sounding "salesy".

This magic opener will get your foot in the door and have you instantly building rapport and trust without being pushy.

It's perfect, for people who don't like to sell... because, neither do I. So, I created this script (word for word) to turn the tables so you don't come across as a salesman... and the lenders actually ask you about your program.

Reverse the roles... don't sell... educate... get lenders to chase you. This is the first step in doing that.





The #1 Private Lender Persuasion
That Makes More Private Lenders Prospects SayYES!

Value: $97.00 - YOURS FREE!

One of the scariest things for most people to do is ask others for money, even if it makes sense business wise, it can still be tough.

But what if you had a tool that would allow you to easily and comfortable talk to potential lenders, let them know what you do, educate them on private lending and on your program, and gain instant credibility like a pro in the process?

This customizable PowerPoint and word for word script will help you answer every major question and concern your future private money lenders might
have and will leave them feeling 100% comfortable!





Your Key To Getting Results Fast: The Success Jumpstart Bonus Training!


Get ready because I'm going to walk you through the exact JUMPSTART training I take my highest level clients through when we start working together.

Inside this training you'll:

 -  Build your foundation for success - from goals to a step-by-step business plan, we'll do it all!

- The 2 BIGGEST roadblocks for success and how to avoid them!


- The 3 components to winning the inner mind game (knowing this changed everything for me)!


- 3 lies about money that simply aren't true...and the 3 truths that will set you free!


- and much, much more!


You'll be able to start this training seconds after you complete your order by going below now.


This training is actually Module 1 from our $1,000 Private Money Blueprint home study training program. You'll get access to it and the excerises for free with your 30-day $2.95 trial in my Insider's Circle.




That's over $191.00 in real-world value from these 3 bonuses alone!


Combined with the value of your 4 FREE Training Programs above and you're getting a package worth over $1,471.00. Except you get everything for JUST $2.95.









 when you begin your 30-day test-drive in my Insider's Circle, you'll be given private access to everything you see below...

1) The Strategic Investor's Manifesto Audio Training...

manifestocd2 This training is instantly available when you join today... and is designed to kick start your business and life as a Strategic Investor. You're going to LOVE it!
  • START HERE: The Strategic Investor's Manifesto Audio Training
  • You'll learn the easiest way to get started no matter what level of experience you have
  • Key insights and lessons to catapult you towards the success you deserve

2) Sharpening Your Ax: Your Monthly Assets & Coaching...

bundle-monthly2Look, if you want become a highly succesful investor and build a fun, thriving and profitable business, you MUST stay on top of your game.

Things change - the market, regulations, laws, and more - and your monthly assets and continuing ed will keep YOU on the cutting edge.
  • LIVE Monthly Training - Your "What's Working Now" Brain Dump Sessions
  • Weekly Strategic Investor Lessons - Delivered Straight To Your Inbox
  • Swipe And Deploy - Your Tactical Resource Of The Month
  • LIVE Monthly Q&A Coaching Call - Directly With Patrick

3) The "Vault": Your Private Training Library Of Archives...

training-vault-newAfter you join, you'll immediately have access to our training archives in our private member's area.

This. Is. Huge.

These trainings alone could propel you to the next level in your real estate biz.
  • Archives Of 53+ Strategic Investor Lessons
  • Archives Of 21+ Full Content Training Sessions
  • Archives Of 21+ "Swipe & Deploy" Assets

4) Ridiculously Awesome Member Support...

We pride ourselves in "being there" when you need us.

Deals happen in real time. So when you're out there making offers, closing deals, and getting paid, you're going to have some questions or ideas that you want to run by us - and that's what we're here for!
  • Answers To Your Questions
  • Contact Us Anytime
  • We WANT (and EXPECT) To Hear From You :-)

And, the best part of all...


You can test-drive my Insider's Circle and instantly get it ALL for just $2.95. And, do it risk-free.




I don't blame you for thinking there is a catch. Truth be told, I would wonder why someone would give away so much great information for such a small price too. But honestly, there is no "catch," I want to make sure I'm very upfront with exactly why I'm making this offer in the first place...


The reason I'm doing this is simple. I want you to try out our Strategic Investor Insider's Circle Monthly Program and I'm willing to give you a full 30-days to do so. I know what the training in my Insider's Circle has done for our member's businesses and lives. I want you to use the information and tools inside, soak up every ounce of information and use it to your full advantage.


If after the 30-day trial period is over and you feel like you'd like to part ways, no problem. I'll be happy I got the chance to share all of this powerful information with you and you'll be happy you got all that information for only $2.95!! That's the risk I'm taking because I'm confident my training is the best Strategic Investor training you'll find.


I think that is more than fair, don't you?


In fact, I'd say the deck is stacked BIG TIME in your favor. You have everything to gain and I have everything to loose if my Insider's Circle isn't everything I've said it is.







Please understand...

We've never made an offer like this before.

What we're talking about here is over $1,471.00 in retail value of our best products... all for you right now for just $2.95.

Frankly, if you even have to think about this offer - PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THE TEST-DRIVE.

However, if you realize the enormous value you're getting... than grab your 30-day test-drive my Insider's Circle right now.


I hope to see you on the inside.


To your success,


Patrick Riddle

P.S. "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." It is now your turn to make the decision to take that first step. I've given you everything you need to start creating a successful, booming, business as fast and easy as is humanly possible.

Don't delay! I'm testing this offer out and chances are it won't be available at this ridiculously low price for long. Click here and start your test-drive today!



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