14 Year-Old Buys Distressed Home

Hey guys this is Jen from the PMBP Member Experience Team. I just got off the phone with Patrick and he wanted me to get this out to you today.

You need to check out this incredible story about a 14-year-old girl who just bought a house in Florida.

Isn’t that amazing? As soon as I heard about it, all of the excuses I have been telling myself not to do one thing or another over the last few years came to mind. It’s a true testament to the thought that anyone can make what they want out of life happen if they just go for it.

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Happy Investing!

– Jen

PMBP Member Experience Team

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  1. That is awesome!

  2. I love stuff like this! Tons of these deals out there. Great article Jen!

    – T

    • Flat out INSPIRING! This is what Children’s education for the next generation needs to look like. As for us adults…stop the whining and excuses and get busy! There is a world out there full of opportunity that God is begging you to discover. Patrick thanks for sharing.

      • I agree! Glad you enjoyed it Jed 🙂

        – Patrick

  3. Choked!!!

  4. How is a MINOR- 14 year old boy able to sign a contract w/o parents or an audult involved. This makes me suspicious and not a valid claim……
    just saying…

    • Hey Jim,

      I did some research and in FL, to have your name on a real estate title, you have to be 18 years or older. So here’s how Willow bought the house…

      She split the cost of $12k with her mom, her mom’s name went on title, and Willow has plans to buy her mom out in the future.

      A prime example of creative real estate investing.

      – Patrick

  5. I mean a girl 14 year old…….

  6. Child was home schooled. Not a product of the public school system.

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