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18 Questions to Uncover Private Lenders Under Your Nose

Posted by in Private Money Articles, Resources | 2 comments

Hey guys, I’ve got a good one today… In my last blog post I gave you 44 specific ideas for people in your sphere of influence who could be possible private lenders and challenged you to take action on that. But...

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44 Possible Private Lenders

Posted by in Private Money Articles, Resources | 4 comments

Hey guys, do you struggle with assembling that list of potential private lenders from the “warm market” around you? Rest assured, I’ve been there. We all have. But I’m here to help. The...

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The 10 Hour Wholesaler – Flip Houses Any Time, Anywhere

Posted by in Real Estate Investing Tips | 3 comments

Hey, we have a special treat for you today… a holiday gift for being a...

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Investor Profits on Demand Real Estate Investment Training Opens for Limited Time

Posted by in Real Estate Market News | 0 comments

Mount Pleasant, SC – November 20, 2013 – Today, the Investor Profits on...

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How I Made $8,724.38 In 4 Hours Of Actual Work

Posted by in Resources | 0 comments

Hey, I posted a video for ya below… it’s not real estate related… but it...

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My Biggest Takeaway From the Mastermind Cruise

Posted by in Mindset | 2 comments

Hey, I just got back from the Bahamas. I was there with a Mastermind group of...

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Moments Like This Determine Your Success Or Failure

Posted by in Mindset, Real Estate Investing Videos | 8 comments

Hey, I made a quick video to share an experience with ya. It’s moments like...

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4 Steps From Trasactional to *Residual* Income

Posted by in Real Estate Investing Tips, Resources | 1 comment

I kicked off this morning with a jog on the beach with my girlfriend,...

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How to Find a Local Real Estate Investing Mentor

Posted by in Real Estate Investing Tips | 3 comments

Let me tell you a story… My first year investing, we came across a...

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New To Real Estate Investing? 5 Things You Should Do NOW…

Posted by in Real Estate Investing Tips, Real Estate Investing Videos | 2 comments

Hey, does any of this sound familiar? … are you completely confused where to...

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