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5 Private Money Persuasion Tricks

Posted by in Private Money Articles | 0 comments

Over the years, I’ve learned a few tricks to persuading private lender prospects to fund my deals. My process to attain private money goes like this… First, I show the prospect my PowerPoint presentation....

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Can You Get Private Money If You Haven’t Done Any Deals Yet?

Posted by in Private Money Articles | 0 comments

I’ve received a great question from Doria from Columbia, MD, and I have to say – this is a question we get quite a bit. Hopefully this answer will help a lot of the newbies out there who are wondering the...

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18 Questions to Uncover Private Lenders Under Your Nose

Posted by in Private Money Articles, Resources | 2 comments

Hey guys, I’ve got a good one today… In my last blog post I gave you 44...

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44 Possible Private Lenders

Posted by in Private Money Articles, Resources | 4 comments

Hey guys, do you struggle with assembling that list of potential private...

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The 10 Hour Wholesaler – Flip Houses Any Time, Anywhere

Posted by in Real Estate Investing Tips | 3 comments

Hey, we have a special treat for you today… a holiday gift for being a...

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Investor Profits on Demand Real Estate Investment Training Opens for Limited Time

Posted by in Real Estate Market News | 1 comment

Mount Pleasant, SC – November 20, 2013 – Today, the Investor Profits on...

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How I Made $8,724.38 In 4 Hours Of Actual Work

Posted by in Resources | 0 comments

Hey, I posted a video for ya below… it’s not real estate related… but it...

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My Biggest Takeaway From the Mastermind Cruise

Posted by in Mindset | 2 comments

Hey, I just got back from the Bahamas. I was there with a Mastermind group of...

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Moments Like This Determine Your Success Or Failure

Posted by in Mindset, Real Estate Investing Videos | 8 comments

Hey, I made a quick video to share an experience with ya. It’s moments like...

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4 Steps From Trasactional to *Residual* Income

Posted by in Real Estate Investing Tips, Resources | 1 comment

I kicked off this morning with a jog on the beach with my girlfriend,...

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